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What to Expect

The VKIDS team is dedicated to providing age-appropriate, Bible-based lessons for each child who is in our care. These lessons begin at the earliest age to form a foundation that will not easily be shaken. We consider every second with a child to be an opportunity for ministry.

Children’s ministry is provided during all of our adult Worship Experiences for newborns through fifth grade. We also have several special events throughout the year! VKIDS was ranked one of the top 24 must-see children’s church facilities by Cold Cafe! We invite every family to come take a tour of our award-winning facilities.

Relevant Ministries

We will work to create and evaluate each of the elements of our Worship Experiences to provide dynamic ministry for all ages.

Positive and Enthusiastic Leadership and Volunteer Staff

We will honor the time and commitment of our volunteers by being prepared for each Worship Experience, showing appreciation for each person, and by providing opportunities for personal development.

Excellence in Every Area

We will maintain our facilities and resources in a highly efficient manner. We will also provide the best ministry to our families during our Worship Experiences and beyond.

Implementation of Creative Ideas

We will create dynamic teams to design original curriculum and outreach programs for our children.

Opportunities for Meaningful Involvement

We will provide age appropriate ministries for all members of the family, and provide avenues for those who are called to be able to serve.

Restore Hurting People

Increase People’s Capacities

We will provide training and leadership which will allow even our youngest participants to grow in the Lord.

Facilitate Community

We will establish small groups and provide family activities that will help to connect all family members.

System of Accountability

We will be accountable to God, those who are leading us, and to those who we are leading.

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